Types of Hair Loss

Types of Hair Loss

Androgenic alopecia

  •  Genetic condition that can affect both men and women (Baldness)

Involutional Alopecia

  • Natural condition in which the hair gradually thins with age.
  • More hair follicles go into resting phase and the remaining hairs become shorter and fewer.

Alopecia areata

  • Sudden loss of hair in patches which can lead to alopecia totalis
  • Commonly seen in children and young adults
  • 90% of people with this condition have seen hair return within a few years of initial diagnosis.

Alopecia universalis

  • All body hair to fall out, including eyebrows, eyelashes, and pubic hair.

Alopecia totalis

  • Complete loss of hair


  • Psychological disorder in which a person pulls out their own hair.
  • Commonly seen in children

Telogen Effluvium

  • Temporary hair thinning over the scalp that occurs because of change in growth cycle of hair.

Scarring alopecias

  • Permanent loss of hair
  •  Causes:
    • Inflammatory skin conditions (Cellulitis, Folliculitis, Acne)
    • Skin disorders (Forms of lupus, Lichen Planus)
    • Hot combs
    • Tightly woven or pulled hair

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